Peter Sidney

16th July 2011

Mr Peter S
No. 5 Orchard View

Dear young Master Peter

My namesake – This card in your hands is for you
and not to be shared with your brothers
(don´t you love that it says “Master Peter” on top
that it’s yours – for the eyes of no others)

These words will not stay in your head (just your heart)
and by evening you’ll feel none the wiser
so run to your place near the top of the stairs
read in peace from the nook of the riser

First let me say you´re a wonderful child
heaven knows this just needs to be said
now go and rejoice in the things that you love
don´t get lost in those thoughts in your head

Climb up to the heart of the old magic tree
to the cuckoo´s nest high in the branches
stand aloft ‘neath the sky and scream out for joy
and be grateful for all of these chances

If you stop counting cars and the cracks in the pavement
your world will still turn come the morning
just enjoy your adventures in “hollyville lawn”
for time passes without any warning

Gaze out of your window at what you don´t see
like the green countryside that surrounds you
sadly much of it now just suburban decay
its destruction will one day astound you

Don´t you ever despair when you see your reflection
for you´ll be quite the handsome young man
you´ll break hearts and make friends in abundance
and you´ll never be less than you can

As you read this the letters are fading
still there´s time yet for me to impart
that I am the man that lies hidden within
and these are the words I found deep in your heart

© 2011 Peter Smallwood

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