Reduced to Ecstasy

Within me beat opposing hearts.
The blood in one is light and life
the other baleful, dark as death.

I am dissolved in tears at times
with love of God and humankind.
Yet I am seared as well with bile,
the vitriol of vengefulness,
for insults to propriety,
a bilious stain that flood my veins.

I know which heart I most adore,
the one of mercy, full of grace;
and that which fills me with disgust
for love betrayed, dishonesty
in human mirrors of myself.

The unforgiving hate in me
pulsates relentlessly, its beat
the throbbing memories of sins
committed in my mind and fact.

But even so, that echo fades
when conscience overwhelms the hate
with all the blessings I have known,
reducing me to ecstasy.

© 2021 Benjamin G. Mosley