Rejoice the Thorns


If it is borne upon a rose, a thorn
I shall not mind. The cost is very slight.
If I should pick a lovely rose that pricks
my thumb, then I have likely cause to grin.

For if blood drips, my darling’s sweetest lips
will press there first to make it feel all right.
That act alone shall by itself atone
for any stab of pain there might have been.

Though I remove the thorns to merely smooth
the stems my love shall briefly hold tonight,
it’s not required, and they will be admired
with thorns or not (and thinking once again)
if one’s giving living roses that’s a win.

© Lawrence Eberhart, 2014

The form is identified as Schwim’s Sonnet.

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All I can say is BRAVO! It complies with specification as promised. You are remarkably talented Larry.

I am humbled to be mentioned in the revered pages of the most comprehensive record of sonnet styles known to mankind.

Wally Schwim