Said the Wise Man



I’ve said it before, now I’ll say it again:
You carry two bags while you’re on the Earthplane.

In the first are the problems you’ll need to sort out,
The second holds answers that take care of doubt.
You all know the first one holds all of your pain,
But the second tells how not to do it again.

The first shows exactly what you must work through;
The second gives answers to what you must do.
You’re aware of the first bag but blind to the other,
So blame all your problems on father and mother.

Your problems stay with you until you are gone
If you look for the answers in bag number one.
It’s bag number two where the answers are found.
Be aware it exists, then your life will be sound.

Wisdom came with you the day you were born,
Your silent companion since birth’s early dawn.
If you understand fear, you’ll be rid of its curse,
For a life without fear is your heaven on earth.

© Maureen Higson, 2015

Public Domain Photo