Seeing in the Dark

Last night I wanted to climb the golden stairs
and pour metallic confetti into clouds to mix with rain,
surprising all the cats and dogs with sparkle.

Spying the dark, glee surged in me,
knowing its belly held ten thousand lightbursts
to astonish children, pilots, sailors.

Quantum possibilities burgeoned
under that inky shroud–
an infinite array of choice, all mine.

Dawn crept closer, trailing her saffron cloak.
I saw through stretched eyelids
the mockingbird singing from his shadowed perch,
a slender cypress coalescing from ink,
sleepy callas rising from their jet-black beds,
holding high their lamps, brightening
at the faintest touch of Eos’ glowing fingers.

Full-throated peals pushed past my lips,
disturbing the neighborhood, and
shaking the dimming stars–

my world unfurls wherever I look with love.

© 2020 Susanne Donoghue
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