Silver Bird


Carving its way through the star studded sky,
crossing the face of the moon riding high,
bright silver bird on a long haul flight
eats up the miles through the long dark night.
Hauling a cargo of young folk and old,
those feeling fearful, those acting bold.
Some coming home from a short holiday,
others just seeking a safe place to stay.
Mingled together a mixture of races,
the tired, the bored, those with bright smiling faces.
The noisy and raucous, the meek and the mild,
the loud crying baby, the slumbering child.
Steward and hostess with drinks on display,
offering comfort and meals on a tray.

White vapour trails in the blue sky are streaming,
as first rays of sunlight on wingtips start gleaming.
The jewel sprinkled night sky is quickly receding,
engrossed in their books a few go on reading.
Murmur of voices, each in their own tongue,
airport in sight the descent has begun.
Hustle and bustle and luggage to find,
tempers are fraying and words grow unkind.
The weather has changed bringing cold wind and rain.
Return to reality brings stress and strain.
For some a relief, they can’t wait to get home,
for others an urge to just wander and roam
across the whole world, whether daytime or night,
in a bright silver bird on a long haul flight.

© Patricia Curtis, 2015

Public Domain Photo