Solitary Refinement


Foiling the rosy twilight
Venus pierces heavy in dusky rebellion
Her light acute and incisive
She knows the closer sun
Must split his favor
And warm the other side of the orb

The moon, for her part,
Races to rise in serene splendor
Larger and more acclaimed than
The evening star
But only from here

She laughs at our satellite’s hubris
As lovers muse and craft their ruses
By moonlit serendipity
Full and yellow summer glow
In the quickly greying sky

Once night’s inky blanket stretches
Over sleepy Earth
Venus will be but one of myriad tiny lights

All alone I keep watch on her
Deflecting her go-thither gaze
Reflecting on my choice to remain adrift
Unclaimed and unsullied
And knowing these days to be sacred
I can rest assured of myself
Stay true to my loveless calling
I’ll pass yet another arrogant waking night
And she’ll still be there
Seducing me in vain
Come the balmy return of dawn

© Thomas Horton, 2015

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