Some People


Some people dine on caviar, some like their fish and chips,
for some the thought of pie and mash will make them smack their lips.
Some prefer to drink champagne or taste the finest wines
while others like their lager or to ale they are inclined.

Some want to stimulate their mind when they select a book,
some simply choose a magazine about the latest ‘look’,
for some the latest fashion is the only thing to wear
while others throw on anything because they just don’t care.

Some like the noise and bustle, the excitement of the towns,
some prefer the countryside, the Lakes or Sussex Downs,
some like to take their holidays in far off foreign places,
for other folk it’s Blackpool or a visit to the races.

Some think fame and fortune is the only thing worthwhile
and others think that happiness is in a baby’s smile,
for some a life of poverty through no fault of their own,
a makeshift place of tin and wood is what they call their home.

Some live in opulence and style, some live upon the street,
some have a closet filled with shoes while others have bare feet.
some live their lives in poverty while others have great wealth,
some seldom need a doctor while others have poor health.

Some strive and strain so they attain a better kind of life,
others say they’re down to luck, not getting a fair slice.
I do not know the answer; each must do the best they can
to help in times of trouble and to love their fellow man.


© Patricia Curtis, 2010

Public Domain Photo