The Best Place on Earth

"Cannon Beach, Oregon, Tidal Pool" © 2018 Miriam Kilmer

I searched the earth’s blue oceans,
her yellow, wind-blown deserts—
scaled snow-peaked Everest seeking Sherpa secrets,
clung to collapsing clouds,
plumbed the darkest depths of Mammoth Cave …

you were not there.

Sequoia sempervirens clambered up the sky—
rusty red and emerald green,
mighty, archetypal,
rising from cliffs that plummet
to sparkling sands and churning sea!
Of every place on earth,
I cherished Muir Woods—
until I saw your face,
heard the thunder of your melody,
drew in the fragrance of your hidden garden.

Here in our commonplace apartment,
comforted by cats and hand-made quilts,
I find the parks and wilds of every journey,
for you make any place the best on earth,
my dearest;
you are my home.

© 2023 Miriam Kilmer
Photo: “Cannon Beach, Oregon, Tidal Pool” © 2018 Miriam Kilmer