The Garden Fairy


I found her standing in the woods,
     As fresh as April showers,
A lovely pastel maiden fair,
     Ensconced among the flowers.
I asked her where she made her home
     And why her lovely sheen,
“I dwell among the frogs, “ she said,
     “and that is why I’m green.”

Her fingers touched the rainbow shade
     That balanced on a post
She shyly turned it all about
     Like some delighted ghost.
She stood so rapt in thought that I
     Did question, then, my eyes.
I dropped my rake to stare at her-
     Her gaze was on the skies.

I held my breath.  I dared not touch.
     Such beauty cannot be-
When suddenly she disappeared-
     I scanned the nearest tree-
And saw her not—she’d floated off
     To some enchanted land
Where frogs and ladies live and dance
     To some unearthly band.

Her wraith-like form had left my life,
     I felt depressed and lone,
My heart had reached without success
     For what I’d never own.

I cannot soon forget that day
     I spied those greenish togs,
And wish that I had gone with her
     To dance among the frogs.


© Terry Lerdall Fitterer and Kay Brooks, 2014

Public Domain Photo