The Shame of Shag


During his youth
my brother lived in a trailer.
One of the rooms was covered
in a hue of green polyester
that did not appear in nature.

The fibres were like Medusa’s tendrils,
long and twisted
included was a plastic rake
for proper housekeeping.

When the carpet was removed,
we found it contained a multitude of sins
and a political button from the Nixon

The covering was incinerated,
it melted rather than burned.
The country almost went up
in flames due to Watergate.

During the 1990’s some design companies
wanted to reintroduce shag as luxury
floor treatment.
It didn’t spark the public’s interest.

People have a long memory for ugliness,
political and otherwise.

© James Allen, 2014

Photo by Bradley Olin, (CC-BY-2.0)