The Thunderstorm

Lightning at the Royal

Outside, the night is filled with mighty thunder;
within, there dwells sweet harmony’s domain.
And though bright lightning rips the sky asunder
my heart explodes with gratitude again,
for we are sheltered from the gloomy storm
here in this cottage built of brick and stone;
the howling winds grow cold, but here it’s warm
and I am thankful not to be alone.

On quiet nights, as constellations form,
a woeful weakness lets me oft forget
your tender ways…so many I adore.
I could not live without your love, and yet
a nudging from  this summer thunderstorm
awakes my soul to thankfulness once more.


© R. Mark Vincent, 2014


Thank you, Mark, for a beautifully constructed sonnet with a theme that resonates.  Storms like this quicken my soul as well — an instant connection to the source of all that endures.  There is nothing like a sudden thunderclap to bring us to our senses, with a burst of lightning to sear the moment on our mind’s eye.

Mary Boren

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