The Wild Wind

Wild Wind, image by Pacheco

Hear the wild wind with his musical roar
sweeping the heather and kissing the moor.
He sings of adventure and rattles your door,
riding the hills in resplendence galore..

Inhale the scent of the wild salty air,
he brushes your cheek and tousles your hair.
Watch as he weaves through the cobblestone street.
twirling fall’s leaves with flamboyance replete.

Ride the wild wind seeking knowledge firsthand
with wandering waves to a mountain blessed land
to bright sunny shores near a foreign seaport.
knowing the ride will enlighten your thought,

Reap the wild wind when he passes your way,
for death grins at you from an open doorway.



© 2014 Eve Kaye

Image Source (Pacheco via Flickr)