Well I’ll be doggone!

Image Source: Fine Art America

This morning my dog asked me is reality amiss,
I just saw the parakeet attempt to give our cat a kiss,
I then heaved a sigh and asked him why his glasses were awry,
He replied I’m in a hurry and I really have to fly.

The obnoxious clothes the dog had chose just added to my grief,
He had paisley prints in blushing pink and leggings underneath.
Caught the number eight to chapels gate and read the daily rag,
Had a pork pie hat, a green cravat and one small doggy bag.

At the launderette I’m sure I met a gnu in a stew,
He went skating by on roller skates to visit London zoo.
Were a weasel with the measles said it’s hard to stay awake,
And a puma wearing bloomers was the icing on the cake.

Had I overdosed on happy pills or was I still asleep,
These hallucinations happened when I started counting sheep.
There’s a frog who wants to pucker up and give my wife a kiss,
If I offer him a fiver do you think he’ll grant my wish.

© 2019 Tim Parry