What I Know


When a snickerdoodle dangles from your mommy’s fingertips
and you sense that there’s saliva near to drooling from your lips,
when your next-door neighbor Kathy asks if you can come and play
and your nutty neural network sends a fireworks show your way,
there’s no time for contemplation, cogitation, or deep thought,
That is something I learned early and I never have forgot.

© Lawrence Eberhart, 2014


If I cross a Snicker Doodle with a Droopy Bangle Bee,
would it cause a mild sensation? Would my friends all envy me?
Could I take it down to London? Would they scratch its droopy ears?
Tell me breeding Bangles badly will for certain end in tears.
While I feel some irritation, imitations soon will come,
but I’m happy at the moment he’s the best and only one.

Patricia Curtis