When Come the Others that We Need

Some day or maybe never while we’re here,
those Others that we’re less than sure are real
will come and wonder at the viral fear
of people like ourselves we always feel.

Those otherworldly folk are seen as gray
and genderless as far as we can tell.
Their eyes so big and blank do not betray
emotions that we humans know so well.

In our imaginations they are small.
Despite our fear, we keep a sense of power
since over Others forty inches tall
most kinds of human folk would tend to tower.

For sure, we come in lots of different frames
of color, size and shape and gender norms,
and languages with strangely sounding names,
along with gods divined in countless forms.

With all the differences we see in us,
among ourselves we have a history
of picking fights that rise from prejudice
when we have time for such a luxury.

So maybe that is why we need the Grays,
to unify us all in fear of them.
They’re unlike us in all our different ways,
the differences which in their light are dim.

Traditions of religions ’round the world
foretell of hosts from Heaven who will bring
a destiny of harmony unfurled.
Could not the Others be that very thing?

© 2021 Benjamin G. Mosley