Where the First Light Finds Us

A selection from Abandon the Shadows, a Poets Collective anthology.

red-morning-skyThese apricot mornings when you lean over
my shoulder watching the squirrels rob the feeder,
the mixture of delicious aromas spiral about me.

Lilacs, lemon, java — earthy, mint from the garden,
the hanging rosemary gather in a heady mix as you
laugh — a silken crescendo of delight unfeigned.

The sun, burnished copper, splinters light through clouds —
carmine, peach, magenta — the wood possess fall colors
the summer is still burning on the back of the stove.

I feel like I am going to drown in a land of sensation.

Serenity, like love, is not achieved or earned. It comes
unbeckoned and utters its charms. We find this nucleus
of us a dream as our thoughts glide home to our hearts.

This torrent of light caught these squirrels being bandits.
Your laughter diverted my attention from feasting on breakfast
to the honest sating of soul in the joy your love brings me.

The grace of morning, bright, opens us
blossoms heady in all we find to share with each other.

© Thomas Burson, 2013

Public Domain Photo