Witch Watch

The house is lit for Halloween and trick or treaters making rounds.
Two Jack O Lanterns standing guard beside the drive survey the grounds
in case marauding witches come to pluck up little children who
are full of innocence and fun and only want a sweet or two
to carry home and nibble on. But witches like their treats as well.
So, carefully they stalk their prey; each witch can cast a special spell
to lure unwary kids aboard her waiting broom to whisk away
into a secret dungeon where their cauldron bubbles night and day.
They’ll gather all your favorites, like candy corn, marshmallow fluff
and apples wrapped in caramel and when each witch is full enough,
they’ll drop you off outside your door before midnight on Halloween.
And just as quickly as they came, they’ll board their brooms and split the scene.


© 2017 Susan Eckenrode