Knowbody sems to lik me much
I don’t hav minnie frins.
Whin I meat sumwon on the stret
They don’t ax whir I ben.

I’d lik too tel thim I’v ben hom
Most nerly awl the whyle
Jus doin thangs that wil impruve
My lyterary stile.

I alwayse tak a copie uf
The laytest pome I’v dun,
An whin I meat sumwon I no
I tri too sel thim wun.

They niver evin tak a luk
Ner giv a reson why.
They hav know intrest inn my vers
And due knot chuse two bye.

I’m knot ofended buy there act,
What ear there reson bee,
Butt due knot unerstand why they
Want tak a copie fre!