Our Days of Gold

To Christine, March 9, 1993

You’ve been my bride for fifty years!
Through joy and laughter, pain and tears,
You caused my heart to swell with pride
Because you walked close by my side.

You blessed my soul with cheerful song,
Always forgave when I was wrong.
You stalwart stood in hurt and pain.
You saw the sun shine through the rain.

At times when strength was almost gone
You took my hand and urged me on.
You praised me when success was hailed,
Encouraged me each time I failed.

You’ve been a lamp unto my feet,
Provided strength when I was weak,
An anchor on life’s fitful sea,
A beacon that has guided me.

A guiding star that showed the way
When carelessly I went astray.
With everything we ever planned,
You offered me a helping hand.

When brows were raised concerning me,
When others doubted, you believed.
Your faith in me was like a balm
That stilled and made life’s tempest calm.

We’ve walked along life’s path together
Through sunny days and stormy weather,
White mountain peaks and valleys black,
You never thought of turning back.

You’ve borne a daughter and a son.
You graced our home with Sue and John,
A noble son, a daughter sweet.
With you, and them, I am complete!

You were the pavement on life’s road.
You carried more than half the load.
You cast on me a spell of bliss
When I first felt your tender kiss.

For half a century, you have been
My lover, counselor, and friend!
You’ve held the first place in my heart!
My alter ego, counterpart!

You’ve been a rainbow in my sky,
Proverbial apple of my eye.
My prayer contains no other plea,
You’re all I seek, or want, or need.

When you first placed your hand in mine
We talked about the love entwined
Around our hearts. Back even then
I knew our love would never end!

When to life’s reaper I shall bow,
I’ll love you more than I do now!
And when I cross that mystic sea,
I’ll love you through eternity!