The Girl on the Stair

My High School senior year had just begun.
I was a lad of half past seventeen.
The year was Nineteen Hundred Forty One.
The lovely girl I’d meet was named CHRISTINE.

I saw her standing on the stair alone,
At least of others I was unaware.
A mystic essence ’round her being shone.
None other had I ever seen so fair!

I stood in awe and stared, my mouth agape,
As one who saw a vision near divine.
My heart began to wildly palpitate;
Possessed and captivated, lost in time.

Enthralled and charmed by beauty seldom seen,
A scene imprinted on my mind for life;
I saw the regal splendor of a queen
Predestined, foreordained to be my wife.

Her lengthy dark curls cast a brilliant sheen!
Her brown eyes sparkled like the morning dew!
Her ruby lips with pearls of white between,
Accentuated by her olive hue!

I sought at once her favor to incur.
She didn’t seem to notice for awhile.
Then deep within my being something stirred,
When first I saw her look at me and smile.

The time we spent together was serene!
A kindred spirit bound us from the start.
We realized we held a common dream.
We shared the love we felt within our hearts.

On April Sixteen, Nineteen Forty Two
We pledged our love throughout eternity.
We stood with right hands joined and said, “I do,”
On March Ninth, Nineteen Hundred Forty Three.

Now more than fifty years have slipped away!
The ravages of time have claimed a toll.
Her hair is now a lovely silver gray.
Together, side by side, we’ve both grown old.

But still, I see her as she was back then.
She is and ever shall be just as fair,
As radiant and beautiful as when
I first beheld her standing on the stair!