The Preacher and the Cat

This quaint episode
Is a true story told
By one who was present the day
And old cat came to church
And the matter made worse
By efforts to drive him away.

In September’s warm weather
The church folks had gathered
For services one Sunday Morn.
The church bell was ringing,
The song leader singing,
And leading the people along.

The preacher expounded
The Word, as he pounded
The pulpit, with high expectation
That the sermon he preached
The people would reach,
And affect the whole congregation.

The commotion began
When an old cat came in
Through a door left open for air.
His tail he would wiggle,
And children would giggle.
In general he caused quite a stir.

The young preacher, devout,
Said, “I’ll get him out.”
He sprang from the chair where he sat.
All heads started spinning,
The kids were still grinning,
As the preacher took after the cat.

The man said to his wife,
“I’ve not once in my life
Beheld a commotion like that.
There’ll be no more teaching,
Or singing, or preaching,
If he happens to catch that old cat!

The old cat was wild
And he ran down the aisle
As the organist played a soft tune.
He ran under her seat,
She raised both hands and feet
And shouted, “I thought ’twas a coon.”

The wild chase was soon o’er
When the cat found the door
Through which he had entered at first.
But folks still remember
That day in September
When the cat was chased out of the church.