They Dreamed the Center Even So

They lived alone as you may know,
they lived apart to come and go;
they dwelt along the outer fence
with disparate lots in life to throw.

They tried to live without pretense
but time and time experience
proved to them it would not be;
and never reaching excellence,

they strove to act as orderly
as possible to some degree,
but chaos always reared its head
and off they’d shrink dejectedly

and long to feel their egos fed
or wonder should they just be dead.
But always dawned another day,
and so they’d vow to forge ahead,

searching for a sacred way
to work the work and play the play,
await the knell of final chime
and keep their hearts out of the fray.

They’d vow to get it right this time
and not commit another crime
but still each sin swelled with a tear
from under which they could not climb.

Then one day they just disappear,
though true they’d faded year to year,
and now it seems the long lost past
they laughed the laugh but fought the fear.

Had life flown by them far too fast
with far too many lots to cast?
And were they really separate though
they grew together toward the last?

Yes, they lived as you may know
seeming free to come and go;
they dwelt along the outer fence
but dreamed the center even so.