Last Night I Found Your Letter

I never meant to hurt you,
set you up and then desert you;
I was feeling small, feeling oh so scared.
You never meant to break me,
just the way you seemed to take me,
felt I had to be much more than I dared.

I’ve been told I was lazy,
maybe foolish, maybe crazy
not to hold on to you like a dream.
But you and I know something different:
it wasn’t all it seemed;
and yet I can’t forget you,
heaven knows I don’t regret you.
Yesterday surrounds me and I dream.

Last night I found your letter
just when I’d been feeling better,
just when I’d got back on my feet again.
I thought I’d been all through it,
worked it out, I thought I knew it;
guess I just don’t know how to make it end.

I’d moved out to the West Coast,
missed ’em all but I missed you most;
got your letter and read between the lines.
You were starting life all over
and you were feeling fine.
I wish the best for you, love,
with your new life and your new love;
yesterday goes floating down the line.