Oldness Isn’t For Sissies

As my hearing and eyesight become ever more problematic
and getting up out of a chair’s now a bit of a chore,
and my balance may sometimes get iffy, forget acrobatic,
and it’s been a pain for some time to get up off the floor;

as I’ve found that finding the right word isn’t so easy,
and lapses in thought may remind me I’m not always keen,
and memory’s become a bit sluggish when once it was breezy,
and clever pronouncements get fewer and farther between;

as my fingers and toes can get chilly more so than they used to,
and my hand may reveal a slight tremor when spooning my soup,
and I’m passed bored being a weeding and lawn-caring guru,
and now I don’t quite stand up straight but with slightly a stoop,

I’ve found gaining age is a journey for bravery and boldness;
it isn’t for sissies, to that I can surely attest,
and as sure as I step ever deeper into my oldness,
I swear by my aches and my pains I will stay on the quest.