Rusty: The Ballad of the Sentinel

Dear Rusty brings us tons of joy,
his tail wags through the day;
he’s not a puppy anymore
but sure does love to play.

He’s only fifteen pounds or so
but that’s more than enough
for him to mostly get his way;
he seems to think he’s tough.

A tug-of-war with well used toys
will bring ferocious growls,
but not to fear, it’s all in fun.
He saves his barks and howls

for UPS and mailman trucks
and other passers-by;
he sees them through his window pane,
throws back his head to try

to chase them off and so it seems
succeeding all the while.
A great watch dog, he’s always on
the job; he’s got his style.

It’s true he sleeps ‘tween episodes
of keeping folks at bay
and dreams about the belly rubs
he gets along the way.

Dear Rusty is our sentinel,
he keeps us safe and sound;
he bays at those outside our home,
our stalwart ShihTzu hound.