Rusty: When My Mama Comes Home

My tail wagging furiously,
I maniacally jump on and off the couch,
exploding with a high pitched bark I cannot control!
Mama’s home!
Goody, goody, goody, goody!

I saw her turn into the driveway
and I surround her at the door!
Do I need to pee?
Okay, I’ll go out to the flower bed, one of my favorite places,
but don’t go away, Mama;
I’m back before you can even sit down!

I’ve got my chewy treat,
and now I’m ready for kisses and a belly rub!
Just sit with me, Mama, until I play out all this rambunctiousness,
and then we can do a tug-of-war with one of my well-worn toys!

You see, it’s a ritual we have, my Mama and me!
I love my Mama, yes I do!
Just ask my Papa; oh, I love him too,
but I’m always exceptionally glad when my Mama comes home!