A patch of land beside the road
Where cars and lorries rush on by,
But no one sees the crouching toad,
Nor yet the gorgeous butterfly.

Unseen, a squirrel scampers round
With graceful, agile ease on high;
A mole peeps out from underground
As cars and lorries roar on by.

A fox seeks out the nest from where
A skylark rises to the sky
Folk journey on, quite unaware;
The cars and lorries race on by.

A newt hides underneath a ledge
Beside a pool, where eyes can’t pry,
While sparrows quarrel in a hedge
And cars and lorries rumble by.

Quite unobserved, an adder glides;
A pheasant gives it’s raucus cry;
A cautious, little rabbit hides
From cars and lorries speeding by.

A hedgehog stirs from daytime sleep.
He’s been disturbed, but knows not why.
He climbs a little mound to peep
At cars and lorries streaming by.

A badger shuffles to its sett
— a cosy haven, warm and dry —
Where sleep allows him to forget
The cars and lorries zooming by…

A driver gives a sideways glance,
But nothing seems to catch his eye,
Save for the featureless expanse
Of lifeless meadows gliding by…