A Song for Dihydro-Oxide

“My soul for a soda!” You sometimes exclaim
When you’re weary or thirsty or bored,
And with Mountain Dew mountains you think to reclaim
all the energy you can afford.
But it’s water you need, and it’s water that flees
With each gulp of that soda you crave,
Leaching calcium into your life-giving seas
Like some wet-handed, bone bandit knave.

My dear Dihydro-Oxide! Refreshening Dew!
May I sip from your fountains all day!
With your mountains of dew, do replenish anew
All the sea within my disarray.
For it’s water I need, and it’s water that leaves
With each gulp of its life-giving rains
That reviving, surviving resurgence that heaves
Through my narrow, be-marrowed rib veins.

© 2022 Cheryl L. Abbott

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