If a mirror can quite manifestly reflect
true to life charm or absence thereof,
will it mar the frank profiles which somehow affect
the sheer diffidence craving self-love?

If it captures the sorrowful piths of one’s soul,
will it take more than those lifeless tools
that were made for the purpose of vainglory’s goal,
and for feeding the egos of fools?

Perhaps one might at some crucial point, then conceive
hidden truths in the kingdom of lies.
Blinding pride is a weapon of sheer make believe
that embraces that which it defies.

What’s the use of you coming across a device
that will stand as unbiased and true?
You might pay an outrageous, exorbitant price,
in the end, though, you’ll always be “you”.

© 2022 Enrique Mercado

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