To an Unknown Gravestone

Ray Cemetery

Did you die for your land? Did you fight the good fight?
Did you truly have faith in the cause?
Did you swear to uphold to the best of your might
All the righteousness based in your laws?

Did the cannon’s mouth roar, like a lion to its prey,
As it mauled and molested your friends?
Did you face with foreboding the oncoming fray
And the slaughter you knew it portends?

Did the tanks on their tracks roll on over the fold
Like fierce huns in a terrible dream?
When the flame throwers’ tongues, like those dragons of old,
Singed the skin from your flesh, did you scream?

Did you fall for the lies and political rot?
Did you know for your votes they all vied?
Did you sense for your fate they all cared not one jot,
About whether you lived or you died?

© 2022 Petter Finne

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