Relaxed Sonnet

This is a gadget sonnet form invented by Mary Lou Hearly,
aka Mlou on

The Relaxed Sonnet is:
A quatorzain made up of alternating iambic trimeter and iambic dimeter lines
with the final couplet being iambic pentameter
Rhymed: abababcdcdcdee, where the a-rhymes are feminine.

My example

Hold the Iamb Chops (Relaxed Sonnet)

He seldom feels contented
I’d have to say,
when iambs are presented
the normal way.
the sing-song seems demented
-a sound’s cliché!
He’s published. He’s acclaimed,
he understands
that meter must be tamed
and so he plans
to truncate unashamed
per his demands.

That doesn’t mean that you and I must fear
the lovely lilt the common man might hear.

© Lawrencealot – October 26, 2014

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Relaxed Sonnet

Schwim’s Sonnet

This shall be classed as a 13 line Gadget Sonnet.

Schwin’s Sonnet, a para-sonnet form created by W.W.Schwim is:
Stanzaic, consisting of 4 quatrains and stand-alone line
Metric, in that the quatrains are iambic pentameter, and the closing line is tertious paeonic catalectic.
Rhymed, where the rhyme pattern is abcd ebfd gbhd d, and every odd numbered quatrain line has internal rhyme between the last foot and the second foot, which in extended notation looks like this:
(a/a)b(c/c)d (e/e)b(f/f)d (g/g)b(h/h)d d
The volta should normally be at L13.

A Calendary Rose

Such flawless hue, enhanced for public view,
all perfect petals posed on misty field.
In red lace fern her antiseptic urn
discourages affection or embrace.

Like daggers drawn, each manicured thorn
a predatory hint left unconcealed.
I don’t suppose this Calendary rose
has felt the hiss of raindrops on her face.

Disguised intent, no tantalizing scent,
yet highlights all provokingly revealed.
Do you think she knows that next month’s perfect rose
awaits with re-touched innocence and grace
in her glossy paper prison at mid place.

© WW Schwim – August 15, 2014

Rejoice the Thorns (Schwim’s Sonnet)

If it is borne upon a rose, a thorn
I shall not mind. The cost is very slight.
If I should pick a lovely rose that pricks
my thumb, then I have likely cause to grin.

For if blood drips, my darling’s sweetest lips
will press there first to make it feel all right.
That act alone shall by itself atone
for any stab of pain there might have been.

Though I remove the thorns to merely smooth
the stems my love shall briefly hold tonight,
it’s not required, and they will be admired
with thorns or not (and thinking once again),
if one’s giving living roses that’s a win.

© Lawrencealot – October 26, 2014

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Sonnet Reversed

Sonnet Reversed
Is named after the poem written by, Rupert Brooke.
It is composed of a couplet and three quatrains

The rhyme scheme is: aa bcbddedefgfg

My Example

Hollow Phrase (Sonnet Reversed)

Her boat capsized, with her aboard alone.
Her life! Why God? I’d rather lost my own.

“She’s in a better place,” the pious say.
The role of faith is to confer relief
and answer puzzles posed from day to day.
Yet her own god was like a sneaky thief.
The day He took her was a pleasant one,
the sea was still, the breeze was soft and sweet.
She was out sailing, simply having fun
thus making God’s own mockery complete.
That day there was no pending sense of doom,
no thunder crashing ’round the peaks above
no pounding surf’s relentless hiss and boom;
the day was tranquil when He took my love.

© Lawrencealot – October 15, 2014


Skeeter Sonnet

 Skeeter Sonnet.
A gadget sonnet form created by Barry Hopkins, writing on Allpoetry as Black_Narcissus, and given the name Skeeter Sonnet by Lawrencealot.

It is a quatrazain.
It is metrical consisting two metric feet a dactyl followed by a trochee.
All even lines except the last, are catalectic.
It is rhymed like an Shakespearean Sonnet
Rhyme pattern: ababcdcdefefgg

This is his first such poem.

A Stunted Sonnet. ( Or Shakespeare Sawn In Half – Nearly )

Slightly confusing
naming new forms
some say abusing
orthodox norms,
new innovations
so avant-garde
poet’s creations
cutting-edge bard,
sonnet conversion
stunted not long
is it perversion
shamefully wrong?
Couplet conclusion
adding confusion.

© Black_Narcissus – October 2014

My example

Named: (Skeeter Sonnet)

It’s what you name it
I reckon, sir.
If you should claim it
then it’s your cur.
Well known’s its meter
rhyme pattern too,
small like a skeeter
as used by you.
Not as expected
Ii doesn’t hurt,
even connected
to a pervert.
Thus I’m concluding
we’ll be colluding.

© Lawrencealot – October 14, 2014

I propose that this bimeter sonnet be named the Skeeter Sonnet.

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Skeeter Sonnet

Kilmer’s Sonnet

Two quatrains plus two tercets
Rhyme scheme: abba baab cdc dcd
Volta at or following line 9

The Kilmer Sonnet was patterned after the following poem.

“Alarm Clocks” ~~ Joyce Kilmer
When Dawn strides out to wake a dewy farm
Across green fields and yellow hills of hay
The little twittering birds laugh in his way
And poise triumphant on his shining arm.
He bears a sword of flame but not to harm
The wakened life that feels his quickening sway
And barnyard voices shrilling “It is day!”
Take by his grace a new and alien charm.

But in the city, like a wounded thing
That limps to cover from the angry chase,
He steals down streets where sickly arc-lights sing,
And wanly mock his young and shameful face;
And tiny gongs with cruel fervor ring
In many a high and dreary sleeping place.
Originally I attributed this form to Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines, as the Morya’s Double Lock.

I found out in October 2014, that Joyce Kilmer beat him to it.

My example

Morning’s Gift (Kilmer’s Sonnet)

I catch a fleeting glimpse- a waking dream
of sirens frolicking to start their day.
They’re full of joy, it seems that they’re at play;
I want to join them in the nearby stream.

I often wave with hopes that one will stay
but they all vanish in the rising steam.
They are but a mirage, so it would seem,
but still I’m buoyed by morning’s brief ballet.

I don’t despair their passing from my sight
the morn is brighter, sound now come awake;
as critter scamper, pretty birds take flight.

If fantasy, or optical mistake
it none-the-less says things have started right.
and for a dreamer, that’s a decent break.

© Lawrencealot – November 14, 2013

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