Lunatic Sonnet

Generally Iambic Petameter
Volta at or following line 9
3 Quatrains + Couplet
Rhyme scheme: aaab bbcc cddd ee
This is a form invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines

Example poem:

Venatus est Super (Lunatic Sonnet)

If you just plan your life then live your plan
with loving girl to be your wife, young man,
be kind to all and ball when e’re you can,
‘cus toward the end man must suspend his lust.

Let not a day escape without a gust
of levity shared with the ones you trust.
Your plan need not embrace a dogma learned
from others, describing what should be yearned.

My journey while my candle brightly burned
was personal and seems well worth the play.
My wick is now very short; that’s OK.
My joy’s been spent in smiles along the way.

“Nos morituri te salutant”, friend.
We’re facing nothing fearful at the end.

© Lawrencealot – October 23, 2012

Author Notes:
“Venatus est super”, latin for “the game is over”
“Nos morituri te salutant”, Latin for “We who are about to die salute you”


Four Epoch Sonnet

3 quatrains + couplet
Normally Iambic Pentameter
Rhyming pattern: abba cdcd efge hh
Volta after L9
This is a form invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines

Example Poem:

Four  Epoch Sonneteer  (Four Epoch Sonnet)

In school in fifty-seven I learned rhyme;
and forced exposure taught me sonnets ruled.
That all had fourteen lines; so I was schooled.
and Shakespeare was the master for all time.

Near three score years had passed before I tried
again to master bard’s acknowledged sphere.
Then meter taunted me; I was defied
by multisyllabic words quite unclear.

At last, I grasped it, got the concept down.
I tried then linking sonnets together
with structure well defined, to tell a tale
worth telling.  I, at last. composed a crown.

A sonnet redouble’–now version five,
is ready; somehow I am still alive.

© Lawrencealot, October 17, 2012

Visual Template:

Betwixt Sonnet

Friday, October 12, 2012
5:28 PM

This form was invented for Sonnet 1327 by
Jose Rizal M. Reyes, of February 26, 2009
format: English (3 quad trains plus a couplet)
rhyming pattern: abba cbbc dbbd bb
IT was named the Betwixt Sonnet on November 13, 2012
by Lawrencealot until I hear otherwise from the ‘Fair youth”

Accidental Me               ( Betwixt Sonnet )
The chances of becoming you were small.
Your mother might have never said okay,
when first she met your father that one day.
Another beau might then have won the call.
The mating might have some how been postponed
or hurried by just seconds either way,
ejaculate could have been washed away,
or killed by spermicide your momma owned.
A simple cough that nudged the winning sperm
decided you’d be who you are today.
But certainly you are your dossier
so fill it up and never act infirm.
The game is being played out everyday
and as for me I find it fun to play.
Lawrencealot – November 13, 2012
Visual Template: