Acrostic Tribute Sonnet

Acrostic Tribute Sonnet
Form invented by Ron Morris writing as Nobody Special on All Poetry.

Meter: Optional
Rhyme Scheme: Poet’s choice
Structured: The first letters of each line, followed by the title sets forth the message.

This is his first example:

An Angel

Golden smile and silver hair
Remarkable stories she would share
Always a laugh and never despair
Note that everyone would swear
None to this lady could ever compare
You knew this lady was very rare.

Could say she was a millionaire
Love she got from everywhere
And even from her armchair
I would say she’ll always care
Red roses belong to this lady fair
Even George and Cecil would declare.

I’ll know her by her wit and flair
Should I ever see another Granny Claire. . . . .

Here is my first attempt:

Cheer to Friends (Acrostic Tribute Sonnet)

Until you’ve spent some time with Bob, you will
Not know the pain he’s overcome and yet
Clearly his determination still
Lets joy and optimism be his bet
Each day. An outing with him is a thrill
Because he thinks if you’re alive you’re set.

On family matters, he is thrilled to pieces
Because of siblings who always have cared,
Bob’s proud of pretty, cool and loving nieces
Recalling happiness they all have shared.
In nature, Bob sees God’s own masterpieces!
No one from friendly humor will be spared.

Get out with Bob, and be prepared to smile
Since he believes those smiles are well worthwhile.

Lawrence Eberhart, July 2017

Here is a visual template for this iambic pentameter poem

Grammarian Sonnet

This is a form created by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.
Stanzaic , consisting of alternate quintains and couplets
Meter is iambic pentameter
Rhyme scheme: abbba cc deeed ff
Volta to occur at line 6 or beyond
Example Poem
A Junction      (Grammarian Sonnet)
I don t know how you’ve done it for a year!
You dug right in and found yourself a home
and in all that time we’ve not shared a poem;
I stick with friends and very rarely roam.
We’ve both been pretty busy, that is clear!
Form poetry, it seems appeals to you.
That’s wonderful because that’s what I do.
Your birthday can’t slip by without our note,
and for this date I chose a new type sonnet.
I’ve written every kind there is dog gone it.
Not quite but I’m alive and working on it.
For Debbie Embrey this will be my quote.
Our mutual disconnect now should end.
I’ll click on fav; you do it too, new friend.
© Lawrencealot – November 13, 2013
This is a Grammarian Sonnet
It’s specifications and a visual template are HERE
Visual Template

John Tee Sonnet

A Refrain Sonnet
Rhyme Scheme: ABcdefABghijAB.
No meter or line length specified.
Quatorzain with no stanzas.

Example Poem:

A Poet’s First Year    ( John Tee Sonnet )

“How was year twenty-twelve”? she asked.
It leaves me richer far in friends.
These friends I’ve never met, and yet
I’ve learned from them and shared a bond
that fellow workers never shared.
Their humor, and their pain’s been mine.
“How was year twenty-twelve”? she asked.
It leaves me richer far in friends.
They pushed me to exceed my goal
to write a poem a day, and thus
I’ve built for them a great resource,
for sonnet forms for work and play.
“How was year twenty-twelve”? she asked.
It leaves me richer far in friends.

© Lawrencealot – December 9, 2012

Visual Template:


Triolet Sonnet

2 sestets + couplet (8-syllable lines)
Rhyme Scheme:  ABaAab ABaAab AB

Example Poem:

Neighbor’s Aria  (Triolet Sonnet)

I was hapless and homeless bound
but a neighbor gave me a lift.
No cash for an apartment found.
I was hapless and homeless bound.
He swiftly extended a sound
civil plan to a lad adrift.

I was hapless and homeless bound
but a neighbor gave me a lift.
A storage shed had room he found.
I was hapless and homeless bound
but in the shed a couch was found.
“You’ll clean it up, so it’s no gift.”

I was hapless and homeless bound
but a neighbor gave me a lift.

© Larry Eberhart, aka, Lawrencealot – Oct 16,2012

Visual Template:


Philippine Sonnet

Quatorzain – Generally Iambic Pentameter
Volta at or following line 9
3 Quatrains + Couplet
Rhyme scheme:  aaaa bbbb aaaa cc
This is a form invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines

Example Poem:

Morning Coffee, Before Work  (Philippine Sonnet)

The do-nut shop was open every day
we gathered there so we could have our say.
The “regulars” would leave their cup to stay
on hook-board: their own coffee cup buffet.

The hunters met the councilmen and cops,
and teachers met their students’ moms and pops.
The farmers spoke of watering their crops,
and sporting brags and bullshit never stops.

A newcomer just didn’t hold much sway
the coffee group was small-town thought per-se
The men would read, the women might crochet
until the conversation turned their way.

I learned more there than I did watching news
and found a balanced set of rural views.

© Lawrencealot – October 30, 2012


Kindergarten Klas Sonnet

This form, another invented by ‘fair youth’ Jose Rizal M. Reyes
rhyming pattern: abca bcab cabc dd
format: English (quatrain, quatrain, quatrain, couplet)
Example Poem:
Mary Sullivan Boren   (Kindergarten Klas Sonnet)
No poet here has helped advance my skill
(of sorts), than Mary, known as MeterMaid.
No pretention resides within my friend
but wit and talent join insight to thrill.
She’s self-appraising, able, not afraid
to re-invent herself and put an end
to stagnant comforts even when the pill
is bitter. Growth, she knew was worth the trade.
Experience ladled into brain, sautéed
with humility, wrought a gal who will,
if asked, dissemble words with which you’ve made
your poem belch, or in some way offend.
Aside from help in meter at her place,
Her writings exercise my aging face.
© Lawrencealot – November 12, 2012
Visual Template: