Couplet Sonnet

he Couplet Sonnet is as its name implies a sonnet made up of couplets. This verse form was found at Poetry Base. I am pretty sure this is a recently invented form however it could be a variation of the Clare Sonnet or the Cyhydedd Fer Sonnet or the other way around.

The defining features of the Couplet Sonnet are:
• a quatorzain is made up 7 heroic couplets.
• metered, iambic pentameter.
• rhymed aa bb cc dd ee ff gg.
• composed with a pivot placed at the poet’s discretion.

As sample poem.

This topic did not fit this form well, and I subsequently rewrote the poem as
a Spensarian Sonnet, but here was the attempt.


I knew I belonged when you held out your hands.
There are such things a puppy understands.

I leaped to you and nuzzled right away.
Adopting you was puppies goal that day.

Almost as quickly you connected too.
That day this pup adopted mainly you.

I loved the tricks you taught and the games we’d play,
like tug-a-war and chase-ball everyday.

When you’d go to bed, I’d lie on your chest.
I’d see your smile, then I would like it best.

One day though you remained cold in your bed.
I knew that you were gone- that you were dead.

It won’t be long, for I’m an old dog too,
before my time is up and I’m with you.

Visual Template:


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