Cross Sonnet

The Cross Sonnet was created by ¬†Victoria Sutton aka “PassionsPromise.”
It is composed with eight syllables to each line.
The first four syllable of line #1, becomes the last four syllables of Line #4
in each of the quatrains.
The rhyme scheme may be aabb ccdd eeff gg or abab cdcd efef gg

Sample Poem:

Yes Virginia, There Is (Cross Sonnet)

I love you though you believe not.
Your demons say that love is naught
Your reality cries out, “No,
you don’t love me”; I love you though.

Your wounds are deep and I can’t aid
because your past makes you afraid
I’ll make promises I’ll not keep.
You reject all; your wounds are deep

It just piles on when trust is gone.
When every out-reach seems a con
Twilight denies there’s any dawn.
I can not help; It just piles on

Yet from the stars, way past the moon.
will flow a tranquil peace real soon.

Visual Template:
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