Dutch Sonnet

Dutch Sonnet
This poetry form was presented by Dutch poet Leny Roovers. It is a unique form in that almost follows the Italian 8/6 pattern, but makes a statement with a sestet, and then pauses for thought with a couplet, and then like the Italian finishes with another sestet statement but of a much different tempo. Here is the pattern;

Rhyme Pattern: ababaacc dedfgf

Example Poem:

Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Dutch  Sonnet)

A silence is most  fine  thing  when irate.
Emotions can  cause  phrases to  excite.
It’s wise  of  you  my dear, therefore to wait,
we want  to  solve  a  problem,  not to fight.
For now, until your anger can abate,
avoid harsh words almost assured to  grate.
Yourr calm  approaches help make troubles  slight.
If  I  have  blundered  then  I’ll  be  contrite.
So hold those words for later; don’t despair
A resolution we will find that works.
I’ll listen to your words- you know I’m fair.
Now  here’s  the perfect  way to  do  this  right.
I’m your husband, and want to work with you
my love, use whispers closely late tonight.

© Larry Eberhart, aka Lawrencealot,  Oct. 11, 2012

Visual Template:


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