Flying Bird Sonnet

Flying Bird Sonnet – aaaa bbccbb aaaa

Found only the rhyme pattern,no other specifications so am assuming
Iambic Pentameter template below.

Volta at line 11

Example Poem:

The Bird Feeder (Flying Bird Sonnet)
Assorted little song birds came to eat
near my own vision-shielded inside seat.
I have a window feeder where they meet
to peck and forage gaily while they tweet.
I fill the feeder every other day,
they reward me with melody and play.
I am uplifted, by their vivid hues
their community and the songs they choose.
From time to time a hawk will disrupt things,
and strike and kill some tiny bird that sings.
For days after, the little birds retreat.
I know that natures cycle musts complete;
there’s majesty in cycles that repeat,
but for those days I do not think it sweet.
© Larry Eberhart, aka Lawrencealot, Oct 12, 2012
Visual Template:
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