Hyper Sonnet

This form was invented by  Marnie Kanarek aka  Hyper_Music on Allpoetry.
A chain of four tercets where
the first line is iambic pentameter,
second line is iambic tetrameter,
and third line is iambic trimeter,
and ending with an iambic pentameter couplet.  
Rhyme scheme is axa axa xaa xaa aa
Example Poem

Be Machiavelian Now

 The gimmee’s joined the takers to bring forth hell
for Americans who can think.
Obama’s  fortunes swell.
My liberal friends who thinks his win was  swell
STILL blame Bush and are quite amazed,
that the stock market fell.
The country that was so exceptional
will placate, those with rotten smell
who in cold dogma dwell.
The path from low to middle-class destroyed
by policies aimed to compel
hurting those who excel.
I must change tack, and join the thong and yell
for more and take it- hastening death’s knell.
(c) Lawrencealot – November 2012
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