Kal’s Wondercloth Weave

Invented by  Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines
Meter: Consistent or iambic pentameter
Volta: Not Defined
rhyming pattern: abcb bcdc cded de
format: English (quatrain, quatrain, quatrain, couplet)

Example Poem:

Plan to Fit      ( Kal’s Wondercloth Weave Sonnet )

Societal complexity dictates mankind
initiate a forward-looking plan before
indoctrination’s even finished by big bro.
A standard dumbing down so they can write the score.

A uniform agenda sets the planning floor.
You plan ahead to learn to recognize the flow.
Preparing mind to find things fine so that you’ll fit.
Then you can find a niche with those that run the show.

Prepare to be a drone; we need more drones, you know.
Defer today, that’s dogma’s way of teaching it.
Embrace authority; easier than being free,
So plan ahead, so when the music stops, you’ll sit.

But, there is much to cherish living every day
in spontaneity, in fact that reeks of me.

© Lawrencealot – November 18, 2012

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