Mirrored Seven Sonnet

This is a sonnet form created by John Thompson, writing on Allpoetry.com as iammisterpoet.

Syllabic: 7 syllable per line
Rhyme scheme: abab cdeedc baba, or alternatively

Volta position not indicated.
The sonnet’s presentation is up to the author.

My Example

Refugees (Mirrored Seven Sonnet)

Required aid’s withheld from some
because of religions’ weight.
Don’t let those extremists come
for that’s just importing hate.

When driven by men of greed
who’ll fly a flag that’s false
intending to demonize
so people will realize
the violence is not our fault,
those greedy men will succeed.

Refuse them, reject the bait
Deny them their beating drum,
Man’s morality cant wait
We win if we don’t succumb.

© Lawrenceaot – January 10, 2016

Visual Template

Mirrored Seven Sonnet

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