Queen’s Sonnet

Created by Lisa Morris writing on All Poetry as Streambed
Syllabic: 10 syllables per line, meter optional
Stanzaic: 3 Quatrain plus a couplet
Rhyme Scheme: abba ccac deed ff

Her initial poem:

Lady of the House(Queen’s Sonnet)

I went back to the tree he gave to me
along with all the land that  held its roots; 
it was the first of many of love’s fruits.
He bought me next a fine house by the sea,

Yes, filled its every place with roses, rare.
He gilded out the room that we would share,
and gave me its emerald-laden key;
Inside, I found new wardrobes there to wear. 

But  in this bed, while he held me so near
I missed my father’s farmhouse and my sheep
which on clear nights I heard, though sound asleep.
I felt so safe at home; my flocks were dear!

Now I am over many grand estates,
sweet sheep far off, outside great golden gates.

Lisa Morris @ 2017

My attempt:

Pioneer Souls     (Queen’s Sonnet)

Besotted, Quigly quickly lost his heart.
He worked long days a’herding Long-horn steers
but, weekly danced and quaffed a couple beers;
then dreamed all week of Queenie, quite the tart.

She ran the doves, (called  soiled), who worked upstairs
and gave them larger than their normal shares,
for this  for each, was only but a start,
and madam Queenie was a gal who cares.

Each year the town put on a social dance
and there the Queen and Quigly stepped and swayed
and Quigly, quiet, calm and unafraid
proposed and both accepted life’s new chance.

The town turned out to see the couple wed
then watched them grow a pretty country spread.

Lawrence Eberhart, July 2017

Visual Template for Iambic Pentameter

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