Rosarian Sonnet

Quatorzain Generally  Iambic Pentamter
Volta at or following line 9
Quintet + quintet +  quatrain
Rhyme scheme:  aabcc ddbee fggf
This is a form invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines

Example Poem:

Momma’s Meals    (Rosarian Sonnet)

The frying pan so old and black awaits
ingredients arrayed on several plates.
The bottom boasts a pool of olive oil
One plate has bit-sized chunks of beef on hold;
already seasoned, so I have been told.

Sliced peppers on the next plate can be seen,
It’s a riot: yellow, orange, red, and green!
The white rice in a pot begins to boil
as beef and onion pieces start to fry.
The savory aroma brings a sigh.

When peppers are  then added to the mix
and momma stirs the pan too big to lift
the colors and the odors are a gift
that no one better than my mom can fix.

© Lawrencealot – November 1, 2012
Edited November 19, 2010

Visual Template:

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