Sonnet Reversed

Sonnet Reversed
Is named after the poem written by, Rupert Brooke.
It is composed of a couplet and three quatrains

The rhyme scheme is: aa bcbddedefgfg

My Example

Hollow Phrase (Sonnet Reversed)

Her boat capsized, with her aboard alone.
Her life! Why God? I’d rather lost my own.

“She’s in a better place,” the pious say.
The role of faith is to confer relief
and answer puzzles posed from day to day.
Yet her own god was like a sneaky thief.
The day He took her was a pleasant one,
the sea was still, the breeze was soft and sweet.
She was out sailing, simply having fun
thus making God’s own mockery complete.
That day there was no pending sense of doom,
no thunder crashing ’round the peaks above
no pounding surf’s relentless hiss and boom;
the day was tranquil when He took my love.

© Lawrencealot – October 15, 2014


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