Spenserian Forte

This is a sonnet form invented and named by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.
It is stanzaic, consisting of three quatrains and a couplet
It is written in iambic pentameter.
The rhyme scheme is: abab bcbc cdcd dd
which is different from the Spenserian Sonnet which is
abab bcbc cdcd ee

My Example

An Idea’s Time to Die (Spenserian Forte)

The mathematician told me it was true
That infinity packs a awesome punch.
An infinite number string, in his view
will somewhere hold another similar bunch
that’s infinite as well. Does that suit you?
Not me, it don’t; it’s counter to good sense.
They made the rules; not every rule is true.
It fit Big-bang; they’ve used it ever since.
That theory’s bogus; things are getting tense,
with singularities in disarray.
With math’s infinity we may dispense.
New rules, made by bright fools fail every day.
We don’t know everything, and that’s okay,
but vested interests oft get in the way.

© Lawrencealot – March 22, 2015

How fortuitous then, that I should today come across this article excerpted from John Brockman’s book “This Idea Must Die”.
Personally it validates my belief for which I have or need no proof.  Socially, it holds out hope that physicist and cosmologists may break away from the tyranny of mathematics.

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Spenserian Forte

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