Stefanile Triadic Sonnet

An American Sonnet form which divides into 3 sections with a central Octave.

Form Type: Metrical
Origins: American
Creator: Felix Stefanile
Number of Lines: 14
Rhyme Scheme: a,b,a-b,c,c,d,b,b,d,e-f,e,f
Meter: Iambic Pentameter

1. The form divides into three sections. There should be no enjambment over these sections. They are as follows:

a) The first part is a triplet which ryhmes a,b,a. This section sets the theme for the content of the sonnet and is formed as a statement.
b) The second section is an octave rhyming b,c,c,d,b,b,d,e this elborates on the theme and enhances it.
c) The final triplet rhymes f,e,f. This provides the resolution of the sonnet in a similar fashion to the final couplet in a Shakespearian Sonnet.

2. The poem should be constructed using Iambic Pentameter.

Example Poem


I don’t have noises dancing through my head
as other people attest that they do
except sometimes when I’m ensconced in bed.
My schemes to find the perfect girl to wed,
or fights to right the wrongs of city woes,
or dramas brought while teenage daughter grows
are now behind me.  Can’t believe the peace
I live in now, just plan a bit ahead.
The mental noise begins when I’m in bed.
It’s fun sometimes, and sometimes just won’t cease.
The static’s streaming from my muse somewhere.
I grab one random thought and get on it.
Forsake the bed (retired, it’s always there.)
and try to write a Triadic sonnet.
© Lawrencealot – January 21, 2013
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