Schwim’s Sonnet

This shall be classed as a 13 line Gadget Sonnet.

Schwin’s Sonnet, a para-sonnet form created by W.W.Schwim is:
Stanzaic, consisting of 4 quatrains and stand-alone line
Metric, in that the quatrains are iambic pentameter, and the closing line is tertious paeonic catalectic.
Rhymed, where the rhyme pattern is abcd ebfd gbhd d, and every odd numbered quatrain line has internal rhyme between the last foot and the second foot, which in extended notation looks like this:
(a/a)b(c/c)d (e/e)b(f/f)d (g/g)b(h/h)d d
The volta should normally be at L13.

A Calendary Rose

Such flawless hue, enhanced for public view,
all perfect petals posed on misty field.
In red lace fern her antiseptic urn
discourages affection or embrace.

Like daggers drawn, each manicured thorn
a predatory hint left unconcealed.
I don’t suppose this Calendary rose
has felt the hiss of raindrops on her face.

Disguised intent, no tantalizing scent,
yet highlights all provokingly revealed.
Do you think she knows that next month’s perfect rose
awaits with re-touched innocence and grace
in her glossy paper prison at mid place.

© WW Schwim – August 15, 2014

Rejoice the Thorns (Schwim’s Sonnet)

If it is borne upon a rose, a thorn
I shall not mind. The cost is very slight.
If I should pick a lovely rose that pricks
my thumb, then I have likely cause to grin.

For if blood drips, my darling’s sweetest lips
will press there first to make it feel all right.
That act alone shall by itself atone
for any stab of pain there might have been.

Though I remove the thorns to merely smooth
the stems my love shall briefly hold tonight,
it’s not required, and they will be admired
with thorns or not (and thinking once again),
if one’s giving living roses that’s a win.

© Lawrencealot – October 26, 2014

Visual Template






13 Line Sonnet

The 13 Line Sonnet  is a from created by Marcy Jarvis, aka ea of Allpoetry.
The defining characteristic of the form is that any standard fourteen line sonnet which ends in a
rhyming couplet, is converted to 13 lines by provided internal rhyme within that line.

The poet may use flexibility in selecting  rhyming syllables to accommodate feminine rhyme or the meter chosen.

Obviously this cannot be applied to an Italian Sonnet with prohibits final couplet rhyme.
Note also that if the poet chooses a sonnet form like the Betwixt Sonnet, which requires the couplet to rhyme with an earlier line, ( In this case abba cbbc dbbc bb ) the 13th line rhymes must match that specified rhyme.

Example Poem
Shall I Be Ruled

A sonnet dear, you most completely write
on tablet made of stone, already lined.
That’s all she expects from bards of realm.
The gods decreed that maiden shall be mine.
Expand, compress; do both and overwhelm.

In winning, might I still chalk up a loss?
By bending early to controlling will
do I establish pretty maid as boss?
Will all my future journeys be uphill?

Forsooth! I’ll take the maid! I’m not afraid.

 © Lawrencealot January 1, 2013