Lazy Day Sonnet

This sonnet form was created by Rebecca Kerr, aka Rebecca-K on
It’s defining characteristic is the
Rhyme pattern:  aabbccdddeeeff
It should be written in iambic pentameter with volta at line 7 or later.
 Example Poem
Listen Up     (Lazy Day Sonnet)
The bishop postulates his weekly view.
If I attend I listen weakly too.
“Begetting best begins when one is wed,
so wait ’til then to take him to your bed.”
The teachers when they must presume to speak,
and parents too, set forth the same critique.
I hear the words yet see our public men
succumb to power’s perks now and again,
to bed a beau- yes, even priests. Amen!
Thus seems they set for us a stale canard
the powerful assume they can discard,
Rebutting or ignoring is not hard.
Their dogma need not now define my role.
It seems that pregnant chicks go on the dole!
© Lawrencealot – April 22, 2014
Visual Template

Grammarian Sonnet

This is a form created by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.
Stanzaic , consisting of alternate quintains and couplets
Meter is iambic pentameter
Rhyme scheme: abbba cc deeed ff
Volta to occur at line 6 or beyond
Example Poem
A Junction      (Grammarian Sonnet)
I don t know how you’ve done it for a year!
You dug right in and found yourself a home
and in all that time we’ve not shared a poem;
I stick with friends and very rarely roam.
We’ve both been pretty busy, that is clear!
Form poetry, it seems appeals to you.
That’s wonderful because that’s what I do.
Your birthday can’t slip by without our note,
and for this date I chose a new type sonnet.
I’ve written every kind there is dog gone it.
Not quite but I’m alive and working on it.
For Debbie Embrey this will be my quote.
Our mutual disconnect now should end.
I’ll click on fav; you do it too, new friend.
© Lawrencealot – November 13, 2013
This is a Grammarian Sonnet
It’s specifications and a visual template are HERE
Visual Template

Transitive Sonnet

This is a sonnet form created by Larry Eberhart, aka Lawrencealot
which has its roots the non-sonnet form Monometric.

It is a chameleon type sonnet, because it CANNOT be identified by looking at its apparent rhyme scheme.

It is Stanzaic with couplets and tercets enveloping a quatrain
Meter is of the poet’s choice
Line length is 8 to 13 syllables (accommodating feminine rhyme)
Recommended: Iambic  tetrameter or pentameter
Rhyme scheme: aa bbb cccc bbb aa

The sonnet takes its name from the fact that the second occurrence of rhyme set may have its true rhyme sound changed by the use of any device such as slant rhyme (heart, star or milk, walk),assonance, consonance,  eye rhyme (date, temperate), or heteronyms.

Note: such rhymes may be used anytime or never.   Transition is NOT required, only ALLOWED.

Example Poem


I’m saving treasures in a dresser drawer:
a diaper pin, the little shoes you wore
with jingles in the laces, a barrette
still clasping strands of wispy hair. They whet
my hankering for things I can’t forget.

Before our paths converged, I held a view
of easy, unobstructed passage through
the challenges of motherhood. I knew
exactly what to do at twenty-two.

But that was long before my stumbling feet
were pressed into the coals, the searing heat
of constant battle forcing my retreat.
And though you’ve plunged my heart into despair
a thousand nights, I can’t forget to care.

(c) Mary Sullivan Boren  – March, 2013
Visual Template

Tirrell Sonnet

Tirrell Sonnet was invented by R.L. Leonard, aka Tirrell

A quatrazain of two couplets enveloping two tercets enveloping a quatrain.
Meter and voltra are at the poet’s discretion.

Rhyme Scheme: A1A2 bcb cddc bcb A2A1

Write a Tirrellet Sonnet

This line demands your very, very best.
These words encompass and corral the rest.

Like onion layers one upon the next
the couplets backed up by the tercet pair
are cover for the most important text.

It may not be a rhyme that rings most rare,
it’s just the core of what’s a Tirrellet.
a brand new form that A.P. won’t forget,
invented here for poets everywhere.

An autologic poem just reflects
the manner followed to the end; we’re there
now, when we gets the first two lines annexed

These words encompass and corral the rest.
This line demands your very, very best.

© Larry Eberhart, aka, Lawrencealot Oct. 15, 2012