Busta Sonnetto

All Thru The Night (Busta Sonnetto)

All thru the night she can hear beat of her heart

No one to share with what she can yet just feel

In the middle of the night you can hear her cry

His betrayal hurts her like daggers of steel

Probing her his love wasn’t true from the start.

In the silent of night she feels round the cold

Like mad driven horses her thoughts can’t seem stop

Some dreams reduced to ashes now dead on floor.

She’s now aware that his love was false a flop.

The coldness of his heart only makes hers scowl.

She covered in blood love at her feet lays dead

All thru the night she tastes love’s bitter sting

Her pain flows but her cry hides within her sigh.

Pushing her nightmare away she leaves her bed.


Pasted from http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/all-thru-the-night-busta-sonnetto/

This form is based on the Envelope Quintet, and comprises of two quintets and one quatrain in any order. Three versions come to mind with perhaps the inclusion of a repeat line or lines, that I’m sure any innovative poet can have a lot of fun with. Shown below is the first idea the Teagan De Danaan played around with.


All Things Must End


How lonely is the night, without a companion 

She shares her life with the day, now asleep 

Yet whilst she sleeps, he opens half a world 

And during her vigil has been unable to peep, 

Covered with a blanket, and a different opinion. 

With the first sign of day you hear welcome calls 

And all forms of life burst forth with joyous sound 

That night has done her best to see unfurled. 

So some politics would claim the same around 

That only day should grace their hallowed walls. 

I wonder how long they would last without a night 

And the pleasure that a short hibernation creates; 

Lying in bed asleep sharing your time as mates 

A comfortable partner, sharing beliefs and rights?

Teagan De Danaan


Note: Although this example is shown as two quintets and a quatrain, because it is a SONNET it should be presented as a 14 line Stanza!


Pasted from http://thepoetsgarret.com/2013Challenge/form21.html

Unsated cravings trail over my skin

Demanding senses to embrace the fire

No words of love are left on my pillow

When no time is left to simply admire

The tendrils of wanting that tease within

Each eager touch a temptation of fate

As kisses melt like honey in the heat

In trashy cheap hotel rooms slicked in dust

Tasting musky sweat is nevermore sweet

When the heart is left out of a date

And as the sunlit drapes softly billow

The cash is given for cracks of willow

And welted skin a symbol of trust

As once again I give in to my lust

Pasted from http://tirnanogthelandoftheeverliving.yuku.com/topic/33978/Melting-Honey-Busta-Sonetto-and-Seven-Sins-Mildly-Erotic#.VLhUiEfF9qU


Cruel Mother.—-  Busta Sonetto.

A baby screams within a mothers gloom  

When all she asks was moments to cease   

Why oh why does this depression exist  

When a child torment shall only increase  

Screams shall echo within a silent room   

But manic depression shall often follow  

No matter who or what is likely to blame  

Cursed words that unwind within a twist  

Turns the hearts of innocence to shame 

A brutal remark is a hard act to swallow  

When a babies livelihood is soon at stake 

Shall an innocent bystander turn her eyes 

What may happen next I can only surmise 

The threats of a mother shall be of fake.

Pasted from http://tirnanogthelandoftheeverliving.yuku.com/topic/33795#.VLhU8EfF9qU

Terry Clitheroe


All Hallows….Busta Sonetto

In the still of the night as I wander dark halls 

I still sense a movement in time with mine. 

I stop and listen curious about what it could be 

But all seems still here everything feels fine 

As I pass darkness’ hidden pictures on the walls. 

But as much as I stop and listen it evades me 

No Earthly form could be here this special night 

No spirit either for they to have been distracted 

And all forms but me have taken a special flight 

Then I hear a noise, curious, what can it be 

Then I smell it near, to me it’s been attracted 

Now I see it moving, a shadow on the wall 

Moving closer, I see a sight that would appall 

My heart stops, from life I’ve been subtracted

Pasted from http://thepoetsgarret.com/2013Challenge/form21.html#me
My thanks to thepoetsgarret for their on-going work.

Busta Sonnetta specifications re-stated.
The defining feature of this sonnet is the fact that it consists of two quintets and one quatrain in any order.
It should be framed as a quatorzain.
It is generally written in iambic pentameter, but not mandated.
It is generally written with envelope rhyme within each stanza.
Refrain lines are permitted.

My example

Not seeing any poets take the option of putting the quatrain between the two quintains, I decided to do so. Conventionally the volta of a poem, occurs when the rhyme pattern changes. That gave me the option of making the “turn” occur at either L5 or L10.

My Special Dime (Busta Sonnetto)

I always had an extra dime with me,
It was a dime my mother called my spare.
Not ever did I spend that special dime.
Mom sewed it in my coat and showed me where.
Then big kids couldn’t take that coin you see.
I knew I could call home at anytime
if mis-adventure ever came my way.
That hidden coin made everything okay,
That’s comfort to a youth that’s quite sublime.
Today the cell-phone, acts as folk’s life-line,
and nowhere will a phone booth now be found
but there were plenty of them in my day
except where I went playing with my hound
and mother knew that he could watch me fine.

© Lawrencealot – March 7, 2015

Visual Template
(Showing just a few of the hundreds of possible rhyme patterns.)

Busta Sonnetto