Saraband Sonnet – English Style

tercet + quatrain + tercet + quatrain
Four stanzas
Volta at Line 8

Stanza 1 a tercet, rhyme axa or aaa

Stanza 2 a quatrain, any quatrain form or rhyme
The stanza forms may be mixed
 Note: My labels and template do NOT consider any form mixing.

  • English: abab or abcb
  • Italian: baab
  • Spanish: bcbc
  • French: bbcc

Stanza 3 a tercet, same tercet form as stanza 1
a sonnet with a French tercet requires
line 2 of both tercets to rhyme.

Stanza 4 a quatrain, any quatrain form and rhyme

  • Any metrical foot
  • Any metrical line
  • Some authorities insist on eight syllables but this is not cut and dried

Rhyme scheme: depends on the form chosen.
The volta the first line of the second tercet.

Example Poem:

I have no Example Poem yet, Please Feel Free to send me one.

aaaababaaaabab, aaaababaaaabcb, axaababaxaabab, axaababaxaabcb, aaaabcbaaaabab, aaaabcbaaaabcb, axaabcbaxaabab, axaabcbaxaabcb

Visual Template:  (Early on I found the spelling showne below, but have intentionally chose to opt for the more commonly found “Saraband”.